Welcome to my imagination...

Sit down, pour a cup of tea, let's have a chat. 

parlor chairsI'm a writer, how about you? Yes, it's a lonely life, but not with you here. You want to look around? Please, feel free, I have nothing to hide. Except in my medicine cabinet, don't you dare look there. What's on the end table? A collection of brass candlesticks, of course. Don't you remember the game CLUE? By the way, don't look too closely in the bell jars, you might see something that disturbs you. I suggest glancing out of the corner of your eye. 

My books? So happy you asked. I'm the author of BITING THE BRIDE, a  paranormal romance/urban fantasy set in San Francisco. I must have a picture of it around here somewhere. Oh, there it is, on my bookshelf. Also ONCE BITTEN,  a romantic parnormal murder mystery. (Extra points for finding the golden bats on both front covers!)

I also have a novella, a ghost story called MY SOUL TO TAKE, in the anthology NOCTURNAL, published in September 2010. You can take a look at that on my bookshelf as well, and read an excerpt.

Of course, stay as long as you like, go wherever you want. I tidied up just for you. If you have any questions, just quietly slide a piece of paper under my door, and try not to make a commotion. 








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